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Emma van Engelen is born and raised in amsterdam.
This international city has brought her into account with many cultures while she was young. meditation was the most normal thing for emma as a child and this has given her alot of insights about herself and the world around her at a young age 

when emma was eight years old, she lived at an international boarding school at the feet of the himalayas in india for nine months. here her admiration for the universal culture of the mother earth grew, the place where the basis of her creative vision originated. 

after secondary school emma left amsterdam for a picturesque village in northern italy. here she discovered her passion for designing clothes. with a sewing machine and a vision about her style, she has learned the art of fashion design herself. she draws her inspiration from female beauty ideals from all over the world. 

she combines these inspirations with simple Western
t-shirts to make the designs accessible to everyone.
emma studied the block printing technique she uses with her work for two months in Jaipur (India) with traditional teachers.

the t-shirts designs are inspired by greek mythology, indian culture and the japanese tattoo culture.